Weight losS

Effective, Lasting Treatment

Severe weight gain is the result of aging, stress, illness and unhealthy eating habits. The problem is, most weight loss supplements and diet fads only keep the weight off temporarily.

If you have been suffering from the ill effects of being overweight and would like to start healthier lifestyle, consider new holistic treatment modalities. Georgetown Sun Cryo recommends the therapies below to help our clients lose excess weight effectively and keep it from coming back.

Weight Loss Technologies

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Higher temperatures in our Full Spectrum Thera Sauna increase your body temperature and heart rate. This helps you burn more calories in the process and get rid of waste and excess fluids.

Cryo-T Therapy

Cryo-T Therapy destroys fat cells through the application of cold temperatures. The cool air then stimulates detoxification and collagen production, which makes problem areas smooth and firm.

Jade Sauna Pod

The Jade Sauna Pod is a passive way to eliminate stubborn fats through lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage stimulates metabolism, which allows your body to convert fat into more energy and ultimately, slim you down.