About Georgetown Suncryo

About Georgetown Suncryo

Our story

After a successful career as an athlete and a physical therapist specializing in pre and post-surgery recovery, the owners decided to channel their lifelong focus on health and healing by opening SunCryo in Georgetown in 2018. The response was immediate, with people flocking to experience the benefits of holistic healing firsthand. Notably, they played a pivotal role in aiding surgery patients. One remarkable instance involved guiding a customer through the recovery process after knee surgery, leveraging localized cryotherapy, red light therapy, and personalized physical therapy. The result was an astounding 90% reduction in recovery time compared to the average duration for that specific surgery.

After outgrowing the space, the owners decided it was time to move locations and began working on the design and construction of the new (and current) location on R Street. They brought in new equipment and services that they are excited to offer to the public. In homage to their roots (and for simplicity’s sake), they’ve kept Georgetown SunCryo as the company’s name.

Individualized Healing

At Georgetown SunCryo, healing is unique and individual. While packages exist to help simplify the process, we work to help you pick the right combination of services to meet your needs and goals. Our mission is to cultivate a nurturing environment that feels safe, loving, and supportive to all who involve us in their healing journey.


Safe & Effective Treatments​

Our treatments boost metabolism, energy, sleep, cardiovascular health, and detoxification, vital post-chemotherapy, and improve skin conditions like eczema and acne. We support those with autoimmune conditions, post-surgery needs, and athletes, promoting health and pain-free living. Accessible through packages, memberships, and promotions, we aim to educate communities and explore new therapies.

Here at our facility, you’ll have your own private sanctuary where you can heal, rest, and savor a moment of quiet for yourself.

Wellness Powered By Technology

We feature the latest high-end wellness technologies that provide a safe and effective delivery of powerful therapies designed to promote healing on a cellular level. Through the use of our cryo, compression, light machines, and other technologies, we offer a variety of approaches to address your health needs. From muscle recovery to circulatory and cellular stimulation—and even anti-inflammation—we have something for everyone!
Our aim is to make safe and cutting-edge therapeutic technologies, available to everyone in the DMV. Pulling from topics of physical therapy and sports medicine, we aspire for Georgetown Sun Cryo to be a one-stop destination where athletes and non-athletes can learn how to take charge of their well-being and become more in tune with their body’s needs. Apart from inspiring our clientele to be more proactive in taking care of themselves, we also want to educate them about the existing innovations that they can combine for maximum health benefits.

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A Wellness State-of-mind

Healing and wellness are journeys; we want to be by your side to facilitate your path.  We believe that when you improve your overall health and fitness, you develop a foundation to improve further all other areas of your life: your relationships, sense of self, work/life dynamic, etc. We hope to fuel you with more motivation, happiness, and success in your daily life. With our holistic restorative therapies, anyone and everyone can make the shift. Contact our expert staff today so that we can help you determine the ideal therapy combination for you.