About Georgetown Suncryo

Your Private Lounge in Washington, DC 4th June 2023

At Georgetown Sun Cryo Wellness Recovery Lounge, our mission is to provide our clients and the neighboring communities with holistic and scientifically proven therapies and treatment geared toward quick post-workout recovery, post-surgery, chemotherapy, skincare, muscle, and chronic pain, and inflammation. We believe in personal training for our bodies, and physical therapy for injury recovery, but at the same token, these modalities cannot effectively work independently.

The benefits of Infrared and jade pod saunas combined with cryotherapy, compression therapy for sports massage, lymphatic drainage, led light therapy, non-invasive cupping, and sculpting, Thai sports massage, and Normatec compression massage therapy. The benefits are far-reaching, such as increased metabolism, energy, immunity boost, better sleep, improved cardiovascular health, toxin detoxification especially from post-chemotherapy, and skin purification from eczema, psoriasis, dermatosis, and acne.

Whether you are suffering from an auto-immune disease, post-surgery, post work out for athletes, we invite you to come to try our alternative therapies and treatment. We believe in physically and mentally healthy balanced bodies free from pain. So, we have made it easy for clients to access our services through custom made packages, memberships, and promotions. We are continuing to educate our communities and seeking out new therapies, because as long as we have professional, regular athletes, seeking faster and non -invasive recovery and selfcare methods, this industry continues to growth at a pace.

Safe & Effective Treatments ​

Our Full Spectrum Infrared sauna provides healing for chronic pain, weight loss, detoxification, and speedy recovery from injuries or post-surgery pain. We also offer localized cryotherapy, such as cryo facials, which beautifies and renews your skin and pain relief for specific parts of your body. From muscle recovery to cellular healing via an increase in circulation, we have the safest and most effective treatments to help you heal from injuries or chronic pain. Our treatments also help you look and feel your best, with weight loss, anti-aging, acne and varicose vein elimination, and many more benefits.

Here at our facility, you’ll have your own private sanctuary where you can heal, rest and savor a moment of quiet to yourself.

Wellness Powered By Technology

We feature the latest high-end wellness technologies that provide a safe and effective delivery of powerful therapies designed to promote healing on a cellular level. Through the use of our cryo, compression and light machines, and other technologies, we offer a variety of approaches to address your health needs. From muscle recovery to circulatory and cellular stimulation — and even anti-inflammation, we have something for everyone!

Our aim is to make safe and cutting-edge therapeutic technologies, such as cryotherapy and infrared saunas, available to everyone in Georgetown, Washington D.C. Pulling from topics of physical therapy and sports medicine, we aspire for Georgetown Sun Cryo to be a one-stop destination where athletes and non-athletes can learn how to take charge of their well-being and become more in tune with their body’s needs. Apart from inspiring our clientele to be more proactive in taking care of themselves, we also want to educate them about the existing innovations that they can combine for maximum health benefits.  

A Wellness State-of-Mind

Our wellness therapies hone your physical and mental health to optimal levels, so that you look, feel and perform at your best. Healing and wellness is a journey — we want to be at your side, to facilitate your path.  We believe that when you improve your overall health and fitness, you develop a foundation to further improve all other areas of your life: your relationships, sense of self, work/life dynamic, etc. We hope to fuel you with more motivation, happiness, and success in your daily life. With our holistic restorative therapies, anyone and everyone can make the shift. Contact our expert staff today so that we can help you determine the ideal therapy combination for you.