Normatec Compression Massage Therapy

The Normatec boots bring the benefits of expert sports massages and cold compression to your
recovery. It was created by an MD and a PhD with input from industry pros. The expert massage
Techniques used increase blood circulation and help promote lymphatic drainage.
These two are linked to many health benefits, such as reduced recovery time and soreness.
increased range of motion and flexibility, and decreased inflammation and water retention. In
In addition, at a doctor’s suggestion, it can help post-surgery recovery. The Normatec boots are key
to promote and maintain a healthy and strong body.
You can increase its effectiveness when used in combination with an Sauna and

Frequently Asked Questions About Compression Therapy

What is compression therapy?

Compression therapy is a comprehensive approach to alleviate leg soreness and discomfort while facilitating muscle recovery after rigorous workouts or injuries.

At GeorgetownSuncryo, we employ the cutting-edge NormaTec leg pulse system, harnessing compressed air to generate sequential pulsating movements along your leg muscles, akin to an invigorating massage. This massage-like action effectively mobilizes fluid within your legs, eliminating the accumulation of lactic acid, thereby reducing leg swelling and discomfort.

For your convenience, you can experience the benefits of the NormaTec Leg Pulse system in the comfort of your own home. Simply rent it from GeorgetownSuncryo for one night or more.

Using the system is a breeze; you merely slip on comfortable leg attachments that connect to the pulse control unit. These attachments fill with compressed air, gently massaging your legs as you recline and unwind.

To accommodate your needs, we offer convenient pickup and delivery options. Additionally, our Recovery & Relief members and Rejuvenation & Lifestyle members enjoy exclusive discounts.

Experience the rejuvenating effects of compression therapy with GeorgetownSuncryo today.The totally computerized framework takes into consideration modified, direct control of your recuperation pressure treatment experience. The plan of the framework molds to your careful body shape when you first turn it on during a pre-swell cycle. That permits it to give a cozy, custom pressure treatment rub only for you.


Shoulder compression masssage
Whole Body compression massage therapy

Why should I contemplate compression therapy?

Compression therapy offers a valuable means of post-exercise relaxation following intense physical exertion. The NormaTec system is an excellent tool for addressing enduring muscle soreness and discomfort in your legs post-injury.

Moreover, compression therapy can prove advantageous for individuals grappling with circulatory disorders or swelling-related challenges, including conditions such as deep vein thrombosis and lymphedema. The NormaTec system excels at diminishing inflammation, reducing swelling in adipose tissues, and eliminating various associated byproducts, thus enhancing overall leg health.

What advantages does compression therapy offer?

Compression therapy offers a secure and holistic approach to alleviating leg discomfort, enabling you to decrease your dependency on medications. The NormaTec system boasts the capacity to: 

Deter pain

Address swelling

Soothe inflammation

Enhance blood circulation

Expedite muscle recovery

Furthermore, compression therapy can play a pivotal role in averting complications linked to leg swelling and circulatory issues, including the emergence of spider veins and varicose veins.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned athlete, or simply seeking respite from persistent leg discomfort, compression therapy can be advantageous for you. Reach out to the nearest georgetownsuncryo office to arrange a rental session, or use the online booking system to request an appointment.