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The Best NormaTec Recovery System At Georgetownsuncryo

NormaTec Recovery System

The cutting-edge NormaTec Pressure Therapy System at Georgetown Suncryo Therapy Center offers athletes a top-notch recovery solution to rejuvenate their bodies between training sessions or after strenuous events. Our NormaTec Pulse Recovery System features specialized compression devices designed to envelop your arms, legs, or hips. These compression units utilize compressed air to gently massage your limbs, promoting the efficient flow of fluids and expediting recovery following intense physical exertion. Unlike traditional static pressure methods, this innovative technology employs a pulsating action, akin to the experience of a manual massage. The pulsation alternates between different zones while simultaneously providing sustained compression, enhancing the fluid movement out of your limbs. Experience the future of recovery and revitalization at Georgetown Suncryo Therapy Center with our NormaTec Pressure Therapy System. The totally computerized framework takes into consideration modified, direct control of your recuperation pressure treatment experience. The plan of the framework molds to your careful body shape when you first turn it on during a pre-swell cycle. That permits it to give a cozy, custom pressure treatment rub only for you.