Chronic Pain Treatment

Lasting Relief

Analgesics are often prescribed to manage chronic pain. However, regular doses of pain meds leads to irreversible long-term side-effects, such as liver damage. 

Fortunately, alternative therapies for pain relief are available so you can preserve your health. Discover the freedom of becoming totally pain and medication free. Learn more about our recommended pain treatment therapies by following the links below.  

Pain Treatment Technologies

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Near-infrared levels stimulates immune function and blood flow that heal wounds and injuries faster. The heat generated by our Full Spectrum Thera Sauna also has a positive effect on your well-being by making you feel more relaxed.


This therapy uses air compression to relieve muscle tension in the arms, abdomen, back and neck. The soothing, massage-like motions drains painful areas of excess fluid and toxins that cause inflammation and swelling.

Jade Sauna Pod

The Jade Sauna Pod therapy raises the body’s temperatures to improve circulation and remove lactic acid and waste buildup that causes sore muscles.