Athletic recovery

Refresh & Renew

Athletes subject themselves to a lot of physical stress during intense exercise and sports. Unfortunately, they have limited time to recover before the next practice or event.
Georgetown Sun Cryo offers a variety of treatments that can help athletes relax tense muscles, heal injuries and play better. Manage your pain without the use of pain medications and become a better athlete through our science-backed treatments.
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Athletic Recovery Technologies


The NormaTec Recovery System is a dynamic air compression device that uses air pressure to conduct deep tissue massage patterns which promote lymphatic drainage.


This therapy uses air compression to relieve muscle tension in the arms, abdomen, back and neck. The soothing, massage-like motions drains painful areas of excess fluid and toxins that cause inflammation and swelling.

Jade Sauna Pod

The Jade Sauna Pod therapy raises the body’s temperatures to improve circulation and remove lactic acid and waste buildup that causes sore muscles.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Near-infrared levels stimulates immune function and blood flow that heal wounds and injuries faster. The heat generated by our Full Spectrum Thera Sauna also has a positive effect on your well-being by making you feel more relaxed.

Cryo-T Therapy

Athletes can benefit from cryotherapy to heal their muscle or tendon injuries. Cryo-T therapy emits cool air that triggers tissue repair and regeneration.